Từ điển Dict9

plain Tiếng Anh là gì?

plainer; -est
[also more ~; most ~]
having no pattern or decoration
Her dress was plain.
a plain fabric
It was a plain room with no curtains.
She was wearing plain black shoes.
He printed the picture on plain paper.
not having any added or extra things
a glass of plain [=purewater
a piece of plain chicken
plain yogurt
(BritThe recipe calls for 250 grams of plain flour. [=(USall-purpose flour]
easy to see or understand
It's plain to see [=it's obviousthat you don't like dogs.
You should have made it plain [=clearto us what you were planning to do.
What he said is a lie, plain and simple.
The answer is (as) plain as day. = The answer is as plain as the nose on your face. [=the answer is very obvious]
simple and honest
Let me say it in plain Englishyou're fired.
always used before a noun :complete and total
His motive was plain [=puresheergreed.
The lawyer stated the plain facts of the case.
Her story is the plain truth.
not unusual or special in any way :ordinary
plain common sense
(USI'm just a plain old country boy.
not handsome or beautiful
She's really kind of plain.
in plain sight
or in plain view
chiefly US :in a place that is easily seen
He carried his gun in plain sight.
plain clothes
the ordinary clothes of a police officer who is not wearing a uniform
plain sailing
plural plains
[count] :a large area of flat land without trees
the Spanish plain
informal :truly or completely
She plain forgot to call me.
You are just plain wrong.